This Draws Total Prize Pool is 0GRLC

Garlic Coin (GRLC) is the greatest cryptocurrency to ever be on the market. Join us for the GRLC Raffle to get yourself a chance to win sweet sweet Garlic.

How does this work? It is quite simple, you enter how many raffle tickets you would like to buy and your wallet address, transfer the required GRLC to the Garlic Raffle Wallet and you will be in the draw!

We will be drawing the winner on the 2nd July. The funds will be added to your wallet (the wallet you sent the funds from) and a post will be made on /r/garlicoin.

If you would like to donate to me, the non-raffle Wallet address is GL4DJ7EuCJHFCTKGKV3rkKcAJUPS6CpSL3.